Asset History Sheet

  • Required Back-end Product: SAP S/4 HANA
  • Product Version: 1709
  • Application Type: Analytical, Design Studio
  • Compatible Device: Desktop
Application Features:
  • With this app, you can call up the asset history sheet that shows value changes to the fixed asset balances in a fiscal year for a depreciation area.
  • The asset history sheet enables you to document and explain the balances on fixed assets for every accounting principle, any local regulation, and for management purposes.
  • SAP provides pre-configured key figure groups that you can use for your reporting. These key figure groups bundle key figure codes, such as acquisitions, retirements, transfers, and depreciation.
  • You can also create your own key figure groups in Customizing to define individual layouts and granularity for your reports.
  • Use the SAP standard key figure groups:
  • For posted values: AHS (\”Asset History Sheet (Posted Values, No Hierarchy)\” and AHS_HRY (\”Asset History Sheet (Posted Values, With Hierarchy)\”)
  • For planned values: AHS_PLAN (\”Asset History Sheet (Plan Values, No Hierarchy)\”) and AHS_HRY_PL (\”Asset History Sheet (Plan Values, With Hierarchy)\”)
  • Specify the search criteria using filters
  • Display the query results in a grid format
  • Export the query results to Microsoft Excel
  • Modify the query results grid by moving available characteristics to and from the grid axes
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