What is use of SAP Fiori Client?

What is SAP Fiori Client

SAP Fiori Client is a native mobile application runtime container for SAP Fiori that allows users to access their SAP Fiori launchpad in online mode. It can be downloaded from the public app stores for iOSa, Android, and Windows devices.

SAP Fiori Client provides the next-level mobile experience to the Web-based SAP Fiori apps, including device integration, full-screen operation, and enhanced attachment handling

SAP Fiori Client overcomes limitations in the mobile browser by providing a reliable caching mechanism for SAP Fiori application assets, and also provides device APIs (such as camera, barcode scanner, and geolocation) to SAP Fiori applications. SAP Fiori Client is designed around Apache Cordova architecture, where device APIs and custom functionality are added through plugins.

Types of SAP Fiori Client

App Store Fiori Client

  • The app store version of the application is simply a mobile application built using the SDK and distributed through the public app stores.
  • SAP app available via Apple Store or Google Play. Users download the apps to their devices for use.

Custom SAP Fiori Clients (built locally with the SDK):

  • Developers use a script included with the SAP Mobile Platform SDK to build a custom SAP Fiori Client for iOS, Android, desktop, or Windows 10 mobile.
  • The custom version has the same core capabilities as the app store version of the SAP Fiori Client.
  • It can expose native capabilities to SAP Fiori apps running within the application container.

Custom SAP Fiori Clients (built with the cloud build service):

  • Developers modify the build options of a custom SAP Fiori Client, and rebuild it using the cloud build service.
  • The app is essentially the same as you would download from the commercial app stores, but it’s pre-configured with your branding, pre-populated with the correct connectivity information, and signed so it’s ready to install on your mobile device.
  • It can be distributed over-the-air using a QR code or URL, or downloaded locally and then posted for distribution.
  • Users download the apps to their devices for use.

Advantages of the SAP Fiori Client

  1. Better performance through enhanced cache management.
  2. Use of mobilequalities: barcode scanner, camera, geolocation
  3. Use of an app passcode to meet security requirements: This passcode may be enforced by an administrator or set individually.
  4. Full screen mode for all mobile devices.
  5. Easier onboarding with URL or email

What's New in SAP Fiori Client

SAP Fiori Client is upgraded from version 1.7 to 1.8

Difference bertween SAP Fiori Client Version 1.7 and Version 1.8 is as under:

What's New SAP Fiori client (version 1.7)
Languages SAP Fiori Client is available in the following languages:
  • Czech (cs)
  • Italian (it)
  • Norwegian (no)
Whitelist for No Bridge security feature An improvement to the No Bridge security feature enables you to whitelist additional domains that can access the plugins provided by SAP Fiori Client (or you can disable No Bridge ). Prior to this change, the feature prevented all external URLs from accessing nonessential plugins; only the host of the SAP Fiori URL specified in the application settings could access them.
Attachment handling (iOS) With the enhanced iOS Attachment Viewer plugin, when a user taps a link for an attachment (for example, a PDF file) in an app running inside SAP Fiori Client 1.7 for iOS, the Attachment Viewer downloads the file to a temporary folder and displays a preview of the attachment's contents. The user can tap the Share button and then choose a third-party app to open the attachment.
After the user returns to SAP Fiori Client and closes the preview, the downloaded attachment file and all related files in the iOS temporary folder are deleted automatically.
Configuration Changes Applied to SAP Fiori Packaged Apps (Android and iOS) Changes to the MDM configuration are automatically applied to the SAP Fiori Client app when the app restarts or resumes. Configuration changes made to the appconfig.js file are applied to the Custom SAP Fiori Client after rebuilding the application:
  • Changes to any of these properties cause the application to reset and use the new properties:
    • fioriURL
    • appID
    • fioriURLIsSMP
    • certificate
  • Changes to the following property require the user to update the passcode, and is supported only for non-SAP Mobile Platform registration:
    • passcodePolicy
Enhanced Service for the Push Notification Plugin for SAP Fiori Client and SAP Fiori Packaged Apps (Android and iOS) To ensure that end users receive notifications regardless of which device they’re using, the Push Notification plugin now sends push notifications to all devices that are registered to an end user's name. In earlier versions of the plugin, notifications were sent to a specific registration ID, which meant that end users operating devices not configured to receive notifications wouldn’t see them.
On both the SAP Fiori Client app icon and the Fiori launchpad notifications icon, a badge number appears that alerts end users as to how many unread notifications are available to view. When an end user taps the Fiori launchpad notifications icon, the Notifications view opens displaying all unread notifications, and the badge count is reset to 0.
Support for Pulse Secure Developers can now integrate Kapsel applications with a Pulse Secure VPN solution.
The site administrator must configure an HTTP proxy to support Pulse Secure. Support the proxy configuration by modifying the proxyID, proxyURL, proxyExceptionList flags in appConfig.js.
The HTTP proxy is currently supported by iOS applications using Basic authentication with SAP Mobile Platform or SAP HANA Cloud Platform, mobile service for development and operations.
Building API bridges for Cordova Plugins for Windows Fiori Client To use a Cordova plugin in the Custom Fiori Client for Windows 10, developers must create an API bridge between the plugin and Windows.

What's New SAP Fiori client (version 1.8)
Languages SAP Fiori Client is available in the following languages:
  • Hungarian (hu)
  • Polish (pl)
Fingerprint Authentication (Android, iOS) SAP Fiori Client now supports fingerprint authentication. Fingerprint authentication can be used to unlock the datavault instead of the passcode. Fingerprint authentication is built into the SAP Fiori Client by default. It is not necessary to enable it in the Custom SAP Fiori Client, however, if you have enabled Multiple User Support then fingerprint authentication can not be used.
Usage Plugin update In order for the usage plugin to initialize and collect information from the SAP Fiori Client, data collection must be enabled on the SAP HCP, mobile service for development and operations and the user must agree to the Terms and Conditions to consent to data collection.
Use a QR code to configure a FioriURL (Android, iOS) During registration, the SAP Fiori Client can use the barcode scanner to input the FioriURL using a QR code. This feature is enabled by default.
Custom SAP Fiori Client Performance considerations Improve the performance of a Custom SAP Fiori Client application. Performance considerations may not apply to all Custom SAP Fiori Client configurations and actual performance improvement may vary depending on the application and server configurations.
Windows 10 "Redstone" Support (Windows) Windows 10 "Redstone" is supported on the SAP Fiori Client beginning with version 1.8.
iOS 8.x Support iOS 8.x is no longer supported by the SAP Fiori Client beginning with version 1.8.

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