Manage Bank Accounts

  • Required Back-end Product: SAP S/4 HANA
  • Product Version: 1709
  • Application Type: Transactional
  • Compatible Device: Phone, Tablet, Desktop
Application Features:
  • Search for a bank account using key words and filters.
  • Create new bank accounts.
  • Open a bank account master record, where you can check bank account details, make changes, copy the bank account to create a new bank account, close the bank account, and delete the bank account if it is inactive.
  • Delete inactive bank accounts and bank account drafts en masse.
  • Create document or URL attachments for bank accounts.
  • Search for bank account attachments.
  • Use SAP Business Workflow or dual control to manage and streamline the process of opening, modifying, closing, reopening, and reviewing bank accounts.
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