Renaming SID, HOST S/4 HANA 1709

Changing hostname or SID of the SAP systems in ECC not automatically supported by SAP and is done with the help of SAP consultant only. A lot of files and parameters were required to be changed and DB reconfiguration might be necessary manually .Another way was Homogeneoussystem copy, but was a lengthy and time consuming process.

With SAP S4 HANA this process has become easy and can be achieved without any second thought.

In ECC systems changing the Hostname or SID was a rare and avoidable scenario but with HANA and AWS it is more like a part of implementation rather than a rare requirement.

Why we need to change hostname, SID or instance number?

  • Growing demand of cloud based systems and to save time of installation in the SAP landscape.
  • Change of organizational structure or Merger


Earlier almost a month was required for installing a 3 landscape system comprising of DEV.QAS and PROD, but with AWS we need to just install one system and clone the remaining 2 and rename the host,SID & instance.

So with just one installation we are ready with 3 system landscape system,thanks to the user friendly feature of SAP for hostname,SID and instance number renaming.

What we achieve with this renaming feature?

  • We can reorganize our landscape as per new requirement
  • Faster deployment of SAP landscape using AWS


Brief about this renaming feature on S4HANA 1709

First we have to rename the HANA DB hostname and SID using hdblcm.

Once HANA DB is renamed start the process of renaming S4HANA SID and system hostname, for this latest SWPM is used.

Let Us explore