Sales Order Fulfilment Issues

  • Required Back-end Product: SAP S/4 HANA
  • Product Version: 1709
  • Application Type: Transactional, Analytical
  • Compatible Device: Phone, Tablet, Desktop
SAP Ui5 Development
Application Features:
  • With this app you can address problems arising during the sales order fulfilment process.
  • The application allows you, as an internal sales representative, to manage, keep track of, and collaborate on solutions to resolve issues. Examples of issues are missing documents, missing or unconfirmed information, and various types of blocks.
  • The due days (the days shown in the column Next Action in Days) show the number of days calculated from today until the next process step is due, that is needed to fulfil a sales order.
  • This next process step depends on the issue category, that is, whether the issue you want to resolve occurs in the sales order, in the delivery or in the invoice, and it depends on the issue type, such as delivery block, billing block or invoice issue.
  • Depending on that, the system uses different dates to calculate the due days shown in the issue list, such as the product availability date, the shipping date, the picking date, or the billing date.
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