SAP Functional Services

Sales and Distribution with SAP SD

Sales and distribution is one of the most important business process in any enterprise. It is directly linked with the top line of an enterprise. Business processes related to sales are used for managing customer inquiry, quotation order, delivery distribution and invoicing to customers.

With SAP SD which is known as “Order to Cash” is used to manage the Sales of material and services. It simplifies the delivery and transportation of materials to customer designated locations. with invoice solution we can send the print, email and other details to customers for payments.

With Sales And Distribution We Can Handle Following Process

  • Inquiry
  • Quotation
  • Order processing
  • Pricing
  • Customer credit management
  • Reverse Pricing
  • Output taxes for different countries like GST
  • Service selling
  • Sales Contract
  • Delivery processing
  • Batch Management, Batch search strategy (FIFO, FEFO (First, expiry first out ) )
  • Shipping and Transportation
  • Invoices
  • Print, Email for Quotation, delivery Chillan, invoices

SAP SD Enhancement

  • Enhancement in order processing like adding new fields in VBAK, VBAP, LIKP, LIPS, VBRK, VBRP
  • Enhancement of field catalogue for pricing, output, accounts determination
  • Enhancement of invoice to accounting fields information
  • Pricing routines as per custom requirement of business
  • Standard Report enhancement
  • Custom report development
  • SAP Fiori apps for SAP SD.
  • Custom Fiori apps for example , three level graphical drill down reports

Why VSD?

  • Experience of 14 strong global consulting experiences.
  • Experience consulting having CMMI5 level company experience.
  • SAP certified consultants.
  • Understanding the business requirement better and try to map more in.
  • Standard SAP to leverage the power of SAP.
  • Quality  Deliverables.
  • Multi country and Multi language experience.
  • Global work experience in all geographies.

Purchase & Inventory Management With SAP MM

Purchase and inventory management is one of the most important business processes in organization, Purchasing process refers to sourcing of required material with minimum cost with required delivery schedule as per the need of organization.  Inventory process maintaining the inventory levels at optimum levels tracking of movement of materials with proper valuation.

With SAP MM (Materials Management) which is also known as procure to pay is used to manage the procurement and inventory cycles very efficiently. SAP MM simplifies and improvise the process related to purchase process in an organization. With SAP MM almost all kinds of purchase can be handled efficiently for example

  • Indent (purchase requisition)
  • Material procurement
  • Project procurement
  • Service procurement
  • Quantity and Value purchase contract
  • Assets procurement

SAP MM Mainly Deals In Following Processes

  • Purchase requirement
  • PR ( Purchase Requisition )
  • PR approval work flows using release strategy
  • RFQ (vendor Quotations)
  • Comparison of different vendor quotation
  • Negotiation and selection of vendor
  • Purchase Order
  • PO approval workflow using release strategy
  • Goods receipt
  • Service entries
  • Vendor invoice entry and workflow
  • Payment to vendors
  • Three way match (PO, GRN, Invoice)
  • Stock transport orders
  • Physical inventory verification (cycle Count)
  • Vendor evaluation
  • Import process
  • Subcontracting

Accelerate SAP MM with VSD Technologies

VSD can help your organization in improving the productivity with expert consultancy which is provided by seasoned consultants having expert knowledge in the MM area and provide the best solution possible as per the business need

  • PR Release strategy (item and Header)
  • PO Release strategy ( only Header)
  • SES release strategy
  • Workflow activation for PR, PO, SES
  • Automatic Email triggering at various stage in procurement cycle
  • Interfacing of SAP MM with other third party applications
  • KPI reporting for SAP MM
  • Improving the control aspect of organization
  • Weight bridge integration
  • GST implementation and readiness
  • A new plant rollout
  • Loading of master data and transactional data with LSMW, BDC
  • Enhancement as per business need for example
    1. Adding a field in material master
    2. PR, PO line items

SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)

Recruit the best talent, effectively cultivate and leverage employee skills, align employee goals to your organization’s objective and retain top performers with SAP Human Capital Management (HCM). The core HR and Payroll software automate the key processes for improved productivity and greater business value, thus freeing your human resource (HR) department from performing repetitive administrative tasks. We at VSD offers SAP HCM Consulting and Support services to our customers, due to our intense focus on HRIS strategies. We had developed an extreme depth of functional and technical SAP HCM resources led SAP HCM Certified Consultant and Architect, dealing with project management, various effective methodologies, and innovative solutions to SAP HCM challenges.


SAP HCM Implementation

  • OM, PA, Time, Payroll,
  • Payroll – expert in writing the PCRs (personnel calculation rules)
  • ESS , MSS
  • Time and Attendance solution
  • Benefit and Payment
  • Travel management
  • Recruitment and E recruitment,
  • PMS (Performance Management),
  • Training, LSO
  • Compensation management
  • Personnel cost planning
  • Process and forms

Positive Time Management

  • Integration with Bio- Metric devices
  • Rules configuration as per the organization need
  • Over time calculations
  • Missed punch workflow and approvals

SAP Support

  • Issue based support
  • Man month basis support
  • Payroll support at month end

SAP Payroll Expertise

  • India
  • Canada
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • KSA Payroll
  • USA payroll with ADP integration

SAP Payroll Processing

  • Take the payroll period (Monthly, Fortnightly) data from organization
  • Process the payroll
  • Help in direct credit to banks
  • File the relevant regulatory details for example, PF, ESI, Income tax, others

SAP Upgrade

  • Verify the business process
  • SAP Adjustment of authorizations
  • SAP Adjustment of Data dictionary (SPDD
  • SAP Adjustment of Programs (SPAU)

SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)

  • Expert team with a SAP HCM architect (9 years) leading the SAP HR
  • Multiple successful project delivery
  • Business process consulting to align HR goals with organization goals
  • Best in class solution
  • Faster ROI
  • Expert in ABAP HR
  • Manage all regulatory compliances
  • Integration with all kind of biometric devices
  • Work towards client satisfaction
  • Multi country expertise.
  • Quickly learn the compliance for new country and implement the same

SAP FICO (finance and controlling)

Finance and controlling is the core of any organization. It serves organization’s all department by providing  finance and budgetary information within enterprise. With SAP FICO and enterprise can efficiently manage all finance and controlling related processes. It will extract all the information from different areas of an enterprise and represent single source of truth for reporting at different levels.

SAP FICO provides all governance, reliable and secure basic accounting capabilities required by a CFO of an organization. This information not only helps in running the enterprise day to day operation but also make the system regulatory compliant.

SAP FICO module is tightly integrated with SD (Sales and Distribution), MM( Material Management) ,PP(Production Planning), PM(Plant Maintenance), PS(project system). The FI module also integrate with SAP HCM for personnel management, time management, travel management, payroll

SAP Simple Finance

SAP SFIN is a new HANA based FI solution which was introduced with SAP 1503 release and it combines SAP FI and CO and given the concept of universal Ledger. With universal ledger FI and co reports are generated from single source of truth. SFIN replaces the classic SAP FI application.

The new SFIN solution is based on atomic level of FI line item tables and usages SAP HANA calculation views to provide the real time insight in to FI business processes. Simple finance allows SAP customers to run trial balance, Balance sheet, P&L , Cash flow analysis at any time of day.

SFIN also provides the standard Fiori apps for operational working by finance users

SAP FI Business Functions Services

  • General Ledger (GL)
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Accounts receivables (AR)
  • Asset Accounting (AA)
  • Banking

The SAP CO ( Controlling) provide internal information for managing company to better analyse and take timely and better decisions. With the CO information managers can have the better cost control and operation of an organization.

SAP CO Services Provided

  • Cost element accounting
  • Cost center accounting
  • Cost controlling
  • Internal order
  • Activity based costing
  • Product cost controlling
  • Profit center accounting
  • Profitability Analysis

Why VSD ?

  • Understand unique business requirement better
  • Configure SAP system as per the unique business requirement
  • Expert team of FICO consultant
  • With our consulting approach you can leverage the full potential of SAP FICO
  • SAP Certified consultant
  • We provide fastest ROI with our services.
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