SAP HANA is a platform for digital transformation with enhanced data management software with enhanced administration, data management, analytical intelligence, application development. We at VSD provide end to end SAP HANA that removes the burden of the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems and siloes data, for faster and better decision making. By providing agility and capability to access information in various system areas and work cross functionally, sap bibo services, SAP Basis Services, SAP HANA enables real time insights and analytics into the data across the organisations.

Our end to end SAP HANA services that achieve more with data providing with SAP HANA Implementation, Data Modeling, Database Migration capabilities in a single in-memory platform. Additionally implementation of the SAP HANA drastically reduces the time consumed to complete processes and maintenance cost & also gives access to ability to track the real time performance and faster ROI.

Why The Need For SAP HANA ?

  • “Big Data” (volume) rising and challenge for real-time access to Operational Enterprise Systems.
  • Expensive for IT to purchase and maintain hardware to handle ever-increasing information volumes.
  • Dissatisfied company users.
  • Processing and analysis outcomes delayed.
  • Data not in real time
  • Insufficient access to real-time operational information
  • Require to act in response quicker to events
  • Require to swiftly uncover trends and patterns by functional users
  • Require to get better business processes

Key Takeaways About SAP HANA

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Empowers Your Organization


  • Reduced dependence on IT resources
  • Real-time visibility to complete data for transaction and analytics processing
  • Facilitate a 360° outlook of your business
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Real-Time Analytics for Operational Data


  • Go from “what happened yesterday” to real time
  • Close to zero latency
  • Capability to leverage and analyze large volumes of data
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Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


  • Non-disruptive to existing Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) Strategy
  • Small TCO by leveraging the newest technology and delivery as pre-configured appliance.

Deployment Options For Customers

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sap hana modeling


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SAP HANA Modeling

VSD is a global leader of technology solutions. We provide flexible delivery models to drive business performances throughout a customer’s enterprise. Building analytics views using SAP HANA enterprise data modeling offers various benefits, compared to the traditional data warehousing solutions such as SAP Basis Services, SAP BW/BI. We offer a range of solutions that help organisations to get in sync with their business goals by using our IT strategies.

The exclusive ability to refine data in database tables by creating different type of views to depict a business scenario of SAP HANA information modeling has made it the core part of HANA application development, which is also named as SAP HANA Data Modeling. With our dedicated team of expert SAP solution providers with years of experience in the field of SAP enhancement services, we deliver solutions that are specific to the client’s industry and technology requirements.


sap hana data integration

Virtual data models with on the fly calculation of results, which enables reporting accuracy and requires very limited data storage – powered by the in-memory processing, columnar storage and parallel processing etc.

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Competent to carry out intensive calculations efficiently – For instance recognize the customers where the sales is higher than the average sales per customer.

sap hana smart data integration

Real time reporting is possible by data replication and access methods like SLT, and Smart data access.


  • Complete, simple, and agile photography on the business situation
  • Increases the autonomy of business users
  • Easier systems maintenance
  • Increases Integration
  • Allows the use of predictive analysis
  • Eliminates data redundancy
  • Centralizes business information, providing better business understanding

SAP Database Migration

SAP at our core providing the clients understanding regarding SAP HANA is second nature to us. With one of the best cloud based production deployment of SAP services, VSD proves to be ideal partner to all your business needs when it comes to enterprise migration SAP to the cloud. We offer SAP HANA migration services solutions with fast prioritized migration of key functional areas that are optimized on HANA services. Our proven methodologies ensure the success of migration resulting in being cost effective, secure and easier to manage with suitable SAP HANA support.

From swapping disk based database or changing operating systems wherein the database server only relocates from your existing database server to SAP HANA, we at VSD provide you with all. Our certified experts migrates the current systems safely and efficiently. Once the migration is completed, our SAP Database Migration optimizes the flexibility of the business without altering any functionality of SAP application.

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