SAP HANA Cloud Platform

SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is a Platform as a Service model meant for creating new applications and run/expand existing (SAP) applications.

Most of the SAP cloud services including SuccessFactors use the HANA Cloud Platform to build customizations. Its key functionalities include analytics, mobile services, transactions, collaboration, security, integration and can also serve as a portal.

HCP is primarily intended to allow organizations to extend existing on-premises or cloud-based ERP applications with next-generation technology, such as advanced analytics, blockchain or machine learning; build and deploy new enterprise business cloud and mobile apps; integrate and connect enterprise applications regardless of the application location or data source; and connect enterprise applications and data to IoT.

SAP HANA cloud platform is both a platform and a service.

As a service, it enables enterprises to undertake application management work.

The platform enables users to access data from the SAP HANA database in real time.

SAP HANA cloud platform is also ideal for both small and large companies.

Besides, the SAP cloud services can be customized to offer solutions to unique client needs.

SAP Cloud Platform licensing models:

  • Subscription Based
  • Consumption Based


  • Mobile services
  • Analytics
  • Portal
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Integration


  • Minimizes implementation timelines
  • Aligns perfectly with any organization’s long term SAP Fiori strategy
  • Is offered on a flexible per user build annually option
  • Offers valuable business insights of the data with a seamless operational intelligence strategy
  • Minimizes infrastructure costs
  • Consistent user experience
  • Rapid deployment of preconfigured applications and services

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