SAP Implementation

SAP Implementation

A rising business wants the accurate technology platform to support accomplish that progression and to lay a base for promote achievement. An SAP implementation links your peoples, your procedures, and your information in one well-organized structure.

SAP is a marketplace front-runner for S/4 HANA and enterprise solutions which permits easy and over-all incorporation of business procedures, generating a extra effectual work culture and giving users the real time info thus reducing the risk of inaccuracies and redundant data.

VSD has been implementing SAP for more than __ years and our capability to implement SAP solutions which empowers whole business to answer back to the changing commercial challenges througheasiness. WE help businesses in allstages of the enterprise life cycle from preliminarypreparation to implementations to customization to development to testing to deployment and post go-live support.

As an SAP Implementation service firm, we deliver whole end-to-end SAP solutions to our precious patrons(clients) who desire to buy, implement, monitor and sustainlarge to medium to small environments of SAP.

We serve both types of implementation:

  1. Greenfield
  2. Brownfield

SAP Implementation methodology:

We deliver support as following:

  • SAP Technical & Functional – Onsite, Offshore, Dedicated & Ticket based
  • SAP ABAP Development
  • SAP Performance Optimization
  • Enhancement of SAP
  • Support after implementation (post support)
  • Corporate training
  • Data migration
  • Functional & Technical upgrades
  • Data warehousing (SAP BI/BO) and analytics
  • Training for End User
  • Remote System Support
  • 24 x 7 Production Support


Why VSD?

We offer comprehensive solution and catering the industry’s business needs with the inspiring SAP which is dedicated to serve establishments to understand and analyse their facts and convert it into meaningful and actionable visions.

Our outstanding team and their marvellous domain knowledge and abilities working in any environment makes us the purveyor of choice for SAP Consulting & Implementation.

Client readiness and Key elements of successful SAP ERP implementation

Client engagement and accountability plays vital role in SAP Implementation in any industry.The utmost common myths with implementations of ERP is that companies are ready for the responsibility. Establishments need to not only identify and apprehend the triumph carters, moreover proceeds an action on linked foundation endorsements that backing them.

Victory is well-defined as being paid what you needthru the ERP implementation, on period, on modest and with an acceptablereturn on investment (ROI).

The key success factors are:

  • Start-up of Project
  • Management Pledge
  • Scope of Project
  • Project Squad
  • Change Management, Communication and Training
  • Customizations/Amendments
  • Budget of Project
  • Closure of Project

Activate ASAP

This is SAP’s recent practice for installing, upgrading or migrating to a HANA or S/4HANA landscape.

It pulls on SAP’s collected experience to deliver a thorough roadmap to S/4HANA, from project scopingto post go-live. It also directs group over incorporation with third-party software aids and cloud resolutions, training, management of project and extra requirements linked with a migration.

SAP Activate is anamalgamation of SAP Best Practices, guided configuration, and procedure which permits building keen and consecutively modest. Main take away is that SAP Activate is one practise for any deployment mode – cloud, hybrid, on premise, or mobile for S\4 HANA.

Six phases of SAP Activate:

  • Discover
  • Prepare
  • Explore
  • Realize
  • Deploy
  • Run

Change Management

Firms generate supple IT surroundings so that they can respond to the swiftly varying demands of an extremely modes tworld-wide market. The technical challenge is: company have to keep workforces on board as they understanding the influence of invention and modification. Fruitful change management is consequently one of the crucial triumph factors for any IT assignment.

The main reason of SAP implementation let-down is that firms undervalue the important effects technology variations can have on an association and its workforces. Similarly, firms take too slight attention to make sure that management can aggressively sustenance change procedures.

Change more than just the system landscape. To broaden the possibility of the task it is essential to make someone in charge for change management initially. An essential task is to toughen the firm’s management squad so they can proactively upkeep the staff through the changeover.

Many workers panic modification and reply it with conflict. Nevertheless, being capable to evaluate the realeffect at the individual level in advance has an encouraging influence on workers’ willingness for transformation. By be present to these concerns administration indicates the worth it places on the personnel – and thisis the key to successful change management.

Rapid Deployment Solution

SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) are pre-configured solutions that permits corporations to install software in weeks or months for a fixed price. It is intended to address one extent of functionality of SAP's greater enterprise applications, and cover an exact purpose or want.

It serves a constant method thru the usage of such stuffs as its Step-by-Step guide, a device which comprises all the resources requisite throughout execution, counting accelerators and knowledge-transfer things. This created precisely for respective application, rendering to SAP, and is organised in an exact command that reflects the RDS implementation roadmap.