SAP Fiori Scrap Report

Key Features

Report is used to analyze the scrap amount by
cost center level for each plant within selected

Users in both head office and factories can
access to check it.

Report is provide delightful user experience so
that management people can easily compare
scrap amount with different cost centers on
daily basis and anytime using their mobile

Report is compatible into PC, Mobile and Tablet
such as iPad or iPad Mini.

Business Challenges

  • For factory mangers scrap generated is an important KPI to be checked and controlled the less it is generated the better the efficiency of the process and thus increased ROI
  • This report helps factory managers and its supervisors to check the scrap amount for a plant and cost center group for a specified period
  • It provides real time scrap information with a delightful UI of scrap amount for all cost centers in a cost center group.



  • Real time Scrap Amount data analysis functionality
  • Search & filter data based on Plant, Cost Center group and Posting Period From and To date.
  • Real time data visibility into chart format on any device, anywhere and anytime access
  • Providing functions like, Full Screen, Zoom in, Zoom out chart View
  • functionality for Plant & Cost Center group Search help
  • Provides important information to head offices and Factories to take better decisions
  • Simple and elegant UI interface for easy use, optimal viewing
  • Responsive mobile application to adapt across platforms and devices boosts user adoption
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