Track Sales Orders

  • Required Back-end Product: SAP S/4 HANA
  • Product Version: 1709
  • Application Type: Transactional
  • Compatible Device: Phone, Tablet, Desktop
SAP S4 HANA Implementation
SAP S4 HANA Data Migration
Application Features:
  • With this app, you can check whether the delivery of a sales order is ontrack regarding its fulfilment. For example, you can see whether it has been shipped, invoiced, or even whether a journal entry has been cleared.
  • You can immediately recognize whether the fulfilment of the sales order contains issues or not or whether it has been completed, or is still in process.
  • You can enter search criteria, such as sales document (sales order, sales order without charge, debit memo request), sold-to party, requested delivery date, document date, customer reference, to find the relevant sales document.
  • The list shows you the entire order-to-cash process in the form of a list, including the sales document header data, and the fulfilment status for the process phases in order, in supply, in delivery, in transit, in invoice, in accounting. If an issue exists, it is also displayed in this list.
  • If the sales order contains an issue, you can navigate to the issue details to resolve issues and blocks.
  • If no issue exists, you can navigate to the object page of the sales document you searched for, in which you can display further details, including the process flow.
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